Here is a list of schools of circus arts schools offering contortion for those of you looking for support/partners or just cant make it on your own. (illinois) (vermont) (florida) (australia) (california) san fransisco (california) san diego (washington) (new york) (Missourri)

If ya find anymore let us know!

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I have a couple of extra links to add to this:
In terms of classes available to the public: (San francisco) (Sydney, Australia) (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

The following circus organisations also teach contortion but you need to audition/enrol in their courses: (China) (Melbourne, Australia) (New Zealand)
..and there are no doubt others...

I couldnt see any reference to contortion training on the circusArts website.

Other than that well done on assembling a list!
I continued adding schools to the map but (Coffs Harbour, Australia) seems to be gone. You have any infos if they still exist?
Well, it must be down for maintenance or something, it was working just a couple of weeks ago. I know they definately still exist in fact the website announced that they will be moving to bigger and better premises this year, maybe you could try contacting Jasmine George (shes a member here) since its her school.
Cool, I currently go to the New York Circus Arts Academy in NYC for fabric, and there are people who do flexibility at the same time I do fabric, and I can tell (even though I haven't done any myself), if you are a person who really wants to get flexible, and is willing to hold stretches for a few minutes, then I highly recommend that.
Can you check if I placed the NYCAA correclty on the map?
members and contortion schools             add to this map!
I am pleased to announce that circus oz (Melbourne, Australia) will now be offering term classes in contortion from next term onwards! Hooray now Melbourne has classes too!
Not contortion specific, but get on myspace and track down the Whirlybones variety arts collective. Great circus training group in NOLa.
Florida Circus Art School in North Miami Beach teaches contortion. 15381 NE 21st Ave. N. Miami Beach, FL 33162
Haha looks like I'm the only English girl here then... I keep looking for schools around here but I can never find any
snap that.i really wnt a contortion school near london thats easily accesible.
this is really odd, as there are many UK people around loving flexibility, and there seems to be no school. There has to be some!


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