Here is a list of schools of circus arts schools offering contortion for those of you looking for support/partners or just cant make it on your own. (illinois) (vermont) (florida) (australia) (california) san fransisco (california) san diego (washington) (new york) (Missourri)

If ya find anymore let us know!

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Circus Space offers contortion training.
Anyone have any in DC or something?
Cynthia Calhoun is a member here and from DC, she might be able to help.

Is there a website? Do they take adults as well? Is it private classes or can we enrol for the term. I may be interested...

KidsPlace is awesome!! Been training there for 2 terms now and have made heaps of progress! I live in Melbourne but drive down to Geelong each week because its totally worth it. If you are interested in finding out more about these classes check out, the phone number and email address are on the website. There are adult classes running twice a week, and a performance class as well. Diana is definately looking for more teens/adults so if youre interested then contact her! Its not just contortion either but whatever you want to work on, Im doing contortion and foot juggling, there are others learning aerials, hoop diving, unicycling, juggling, and more!

Thanks a lot. We need more of these. One in London area would be great.
Does anyone know about a contortion school in China (GUANGZHOU)???, I'm an exchange student and I just got here 1 month ago and I can't seem to find a contortion!!!!

Did you find something in the end?

I also want to go to a chinese contortion school and as far as I saw it, guangzhou should be an amaazing beautifull place!

Hi! There is a art school, that has (or atleast has had a acrobatic school) I've never heard of them taking foreign students, not all acrobatic schools in China are allowed to do so, but you can give it a try, there's contacts on the link I sent.

But what are you studying in China? I just ask, because people must understand this one thing about training acrobatics (including contortion) in China. The chinese don't train things like this as a hobby, they only train it from very young age and totally full time. So it is not possible to go and take just some classes in these schools in China, you have to enroll in them as a full time student and pay full time tuition fee.

Ou thanks for that link - I'm gonna try to figure out if it's possible to go there as a foreigner. But when I see the page is only in chinese I guess the chances are not too good. Anyway I'll have someone to translate and figure this out ^^

Well I did a year of kung fu training in china untill last summer. So we also trained like 6-8 hours a day with 1.5 days off as a weekend. So sure in contortion I'm pretty much a beginner but at least I know I can keep up with the chinese training. The last few months in my kung fu school I even quit training with the foreigners and joined the traditional kids training that was more intense... Besides me there was only one more foreigners in this class cause he was a kid as well and had some high goals with his practice.

If there would be a working possibility, I know I couldn't do more then a couple of hours english teaching a week. I though first of studying beside training before going to the kung fu school - but soon I figured out there will be no energy left for learning enough after training :S


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