Can anyone please send me any links to pics of male acrobatic outfits because i am starting Acro class and i want to start using a Acrobatic outfits so please help me out.

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Please please PLEASE get one with a padded crotch. Otherwise it´s quite disturbing and emotionally scarring for young girls such as myself. And don´t get one made with a lot of fake cotton, it{s not as breathable and you´ll get too hot and sweaty.
yea I know I get self conciess (i think thats right) about that to because its just nasty, no one wants to see a boy or mans crotch.
No you don't need one with a padded crotch what all boys who are wearing tights or leotards need is called a dance support.

Just go in to a dance store and ask about them and don't worry they won't look at you like a weird'o most guys who dance wear them. Oh and don't be too self conciess about it just remember that half of the whole population of the world have exactly the same 'Bits and pieces' as you do.

But as far a leotards and training gear goes you really don't need any thing fancy for training. Just get a pair of fairly tight but stretchy shorts and a stretchy singlet that is not loose.

Also i might be worth going along and looking at what all the other guys in the class wear. Nothing more embarrassing than showing up in a full dance leotard when every one else is just wearing shorts and t-shirt.
It isnt for dancing really i am just looking for acro and contortion clothes because i am about to start street performances and do parties for friends and neighbors and just want to look pro instead of just white shirt and white/gray sweat pants.
Yes just because it is called a dance support does not mean it is just for dancing. All of the male contortionists aerialists and circus performers i know wear them. Just makes everything look much nicer
if its just a class i dont think you really need anything special, gym shorts that you like buy at target seem to be OK but ive never been in a class so i dont know and also yeah tight shirts are best for those sorts of thigs like under arrmor, I think the real ones are prob custom made like most contortionist things

dont get padded... no no no, makes you look too modest (not that its bad but)
another name for the Dance support is a dance belt... atleast what they call it here sometimes

and shouldnt scare little girls if they dont look down there :P :)
ok srry
yea but i also need new disigns for performances i do for parties and friends. Because right now i am only in white shirt and sweat pants which is bland.
well as i said they are prob hand and custom designed so they might not be that cheap either, might have some stuff your looking for, they have mostly girls stuff but that might be what your going to have to go with? not too expert on girls leotards and stuff
how much do you think would cost for custom made because i have a certain design to wear. and where can i buy it?
For decent training stuff, check out, they have the best collections of mens yoga clothing I have found. They ship pretty quickly and I haven't had any problems with them across multiple orders now. For performance ideas a good place to start is Lots of stock items, but custom work isn't much more expensive than stock. And ditto what everyone else said about dance belts.
hey I am adancer ,and a circus performer, so the item you need for even support is called a dance belt. There are many different types but the best one you can get is called a harmonie dance belt... you can get them all over the web and whatnot.. soo just type into google, harmonie dance belt, or hm dance belt.. they come in two styles. .I perfer the fullseat, bc it doesn hurt as much lol. If you need and dance advice, lemme know.. tis my specialty... hehe
Hi. My name is Kim and my daughter Arianna is in her first year of contortion and absolutely loves it. Her flexability is amazing. She's been dancing and doing acro since she was 2 years old. I am trying to find her a stunning contortion outfit for competition and haven't had much luck. I was hoping that someone here could help. Thanks so much. You may also reach me at or Thanks so much


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