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lol wow... pretty amazing

I have to say I'm glad you mentioned the danger involved with a Marinelli, it's something that no one seems to be aware of or talk about. I cringe whenever I see it performed. After being a stage hand at two ICC's and handling many artist's props myself, I know how delicate the dental is and that the performer oversees its care with tremendous caution. Many times I have witnessed it close up, from a few feet away, and quietly prayed nothing would go wrong.... and I have wondered what I could ever do to help if something did.
I am oing to post a video of the Marinelli (one of my better contortion things) so be prepared to cringe. lol
I'm prepared.... cringing at the thought of cringing... but keep contorting!
I don't think I've even thought of having a quadruple Marinelli. I'd hate to be the girl at the top, who had to be in that bend the longest. And on top of things, the pole spun! Wow!
I thought of that, too. Everything has to be absolutely perfect. If one would fail or fall, the rest could be crippled or killed. Notice how quickly each dismounts.

I've saved the clip to my hard drive with keepvid but I highly doubt I'll ever want to watch it again.
Well, you can show it to your friends...
I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
That's the one move I don't really want to ever try. It just scares me for my teeth. :)
I don't blame you, I'd never encourage anyone to perform this.
Well I can say one thing that makes this easier for them.... The first three performers from the bottom do not have all of their weight on their teeth, some of their weight is on their legs clinching around the pole. Also, the second performer from the bottom has a small pole extension that one of her feet lands on when she gets into the Marinelli bend and then that leg rests on that pole extension while clinching to the center pole.This is definitely an amazing act that takes alot of practice !'s the girl on top that is most support, and a very long time for this position. I don't think the legs clenching the pole really offers much support. I guess girls have slightly more flesh on the things, but I know I would really feel a pole of that width between mine.


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