This is a question....
If you know, exist some contortionist capable to put his legs behind his back, and then crossed his legs doing the lotus pose behind his head?, Is that possible?.....

Thank you....

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Closest I have seen:

Like shown on this picture, you'd have to be incredibly thin to do this, and you'd probably hurt your legs in the way anyway. The guy isn't even in a real lotus position.
The reason is simple : do a lotus, and look at how small the space between your legs is. Your waist just could'nt reasonably fit in that space.
You have just given me a new goal. :-)

Don't think I will achieve it very soon, though.
It will be a loong time before I can do that.

wow - that is very impressive


This guy is unique

Hello its me and yes I can do this ;). I HAVE ARRIVED! here is my Youtube

I saw your video, Congratulations again.

You are a incredible lotus-frontbender, I'm your fan :D


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