After I stretch, I usually like to curl up on the couch but I worry doing this immediately after I stretch some how counteracts the stretching I've done.
I don't know if there's any truth to this but, what activities can I do after I stretch to ensure that my stretching "sticks?"
Should I move around, do some aerobic activity or what?? Is this even a valid argument?? I don't know, I feel like bending my legs ruff after lengthening them through stretching will cause them to become tight again.

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It's good to gor forward after you've done a bunch of stretching, it guess you could say it kinda brings your back back into balance. Not going to forward after doing your backbending can usually result in even more soreness than what you will feel possible inflamation and stiffness. It's also not good to expose your back and legs to any type of cold to rapidly after them being so warmed up from all the stretched, that quick shift in temperature will really cause your muscles to tighten up and stiffen. Usually when i stretch at home ill walk around just in a t-shirt since im inside i dont have to worry about the cold, but when i train at the the gym i always put my sweater on before leaving to catch the bus sometimes ill even keep my back warmer on as well just to keep my back a little warmer.


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