Unique Stretching dvds for beginners that can lead to "contortion-like" warm-up movements when intensified? Or just have unique movements? Please read on +++

I know it is a long shot but I have to try. I am looking for stretching dvds. I have checked out Tamilee's Total Body Stretch, AM/PM Stretch etc. I was wondering if you know of any cool stretching dvds with movements that when performed intensely as one's flexibility improves, can look contortion-like. This could then serve as an appropriate contortion warm-up. Any ideas? Also, if you know of any dvds with flat out unique movements, I would love to know about that too! Please help :D!!!


I know yoga is great but I would prefer something else. Different strokes for different folks.


Thanks for your help!

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The "no yoga" statement won't give you any help. Because contortion is basically yoga minus the spiritual crap and with choeography and music added on top.


I disagree. I think there are differences between the two and what's wrong with seeking a different path? Sure at an advanced level, yogis are extremely flexible but that is not the only path to gaining extreme flexibility. And unless I am mistaken, that is not even the primary purpose of yoga. Seeking it out solely for this reason wont change that fact. Some devout practitioners may be offended at yoga being reduced to mere flexibility. Your choice of words "spiritual crap" is interesting. Someone is being naughty!


Anyways, if something does come to mind (I am assuming yoga is not the only path you have taken for flexibility) do share. Perhaps you have dabbled in some other things or heard of some other things that might sound like what I am looking for above. If something comes to mind, please share. Thanks for stopping by and responding :D!

Where can you find yoga for beginners online without the spiritual crap? I find all that other stuff annoying. Breathing is important, but the way it is taught is distracting

I've been looking for helpful stretching DVDs as well, and have so far come across Alethea Austin, who is a pole dancer. She apparently has a DVD/series that are good for flexibility stretching. Some of the stretches involve the pole but can apparently be achieved by holding onto anything similar. I find (again pole dancer) Felix Cane to be MUCH more flexible, and she too has a series of DVDs that include stretching from beginner to much more extreme.


Keep in mind, Felix Cane is a pole dancer first, some of her moves just verge on contortion in how extreme they are, so her stretches probably won't get you to professional grade contortion. But I think they'll certainly help along the way! And they definitely fit with your description "that when performed intensely as one's flexibility improves, can look contortion-like." She's in a flexibility league of her own in pole. Check her out first to see if it's what you're going for.


I haven't ordered either of these DVDs yet, so I can't say if one is better than the other. I just see Felix as a more flexible-extreme performer, so assume her DVDs may be closer to what you want. Best of luck!


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